on educational robotics solutions…

excerpt from our new joint publication by INBOTS project partners:“…Regarding the education-oriented solutions, especially thoseincorporating the making culture (“make your own robots”), futureresearch should focus on longitudinal surveys that examine thelong-term impact of these solutions on the younger generationin terms of the demystification of, familiarization with, andacceptance of robots. Such a research direction would also […]

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new chapter on “Educational Robotics for STEM: A Review of Technologies and Some Educational Considerations”

coming from our work in Inbots CSA Project is now published: Sapounidis, T., & Alimisis, D. (2020). Educational Robotics for STEM:A Review of Technologies and Some Educational Considerations. In L.Leite, E. Oldham, A. Afonso, V. Floriano, L. Dourado, & M. H. Martinho (Eds.), Science and Mathematics Education for 21st Century Citizens:Challenges and Ways Forward (pp. 167–190). Nova […]

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