Partner in the INBOTS CSA/H2020-ICT project (Inclusive Robotics for a Better Society) 2018-2020, for more information: 

Partner in the eCraft2Learn Project (Digital Fabrication and Maker Movement in Education: Making Computer-supported Artefacts from Scratch), H2020, ICT-22-2016 – Technologies for Learning and Skills, 2017-18 project website

Partner in the WeMakers! project (IoT in Education – We are the makers!), ERASMUS+/KA2, Coordinator Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium Weil der Stadt, Germany, 20017-2020.

Partner in the HOLOMAKERS project 2017-2019, Motivating secondary school students towards STEM careers through hologram making and innovative virtual image processing practices with direct links to current research and laboratory practices, ERASMUS+ KA2 2017-1-PL01-KA201-038420,

Partner in the ROBOSCIENTISTS project 2018-2020, Motivating secondary school students towards STEM careers through robotic artefact making, ERASMUS+ 2018-1-PL01-KA201-051129

Partner in the MAKE IT REAL Project (Addressing underachievement in STEAM education through real product design and making practices), ERASMUS+ Programme 2016, Key Action 2, 2016-18

Partner in the RoboESL Project (Robotics-based  learning interventions for preventing school failure and Early School Leaving), ERASMUS+ Programme 2015, Key Action 2, 2015-17,

Partner in the CONSTRUIT! project (Making construals as a new digital skill for creating open educational resources), ERASMUS+ Programme 2014, Key Action 2, Project number: 2014-1-UK01-KA200-001818, coordinated by the University of Warwick /Computer Science Dept, 2014-17,

Partner in the Research Project SAFROS in the frame of the Seventh Framework Programme, Theme [ICT-2009.5.2] – ICT for Patient Safety, 2010-13, leader in the WP: development of a problem-based curriculum for training surgeons in robotic surgery based on a virtual reality simulator,

Partner in the European project “I Am Not Scared” (Programme: Life Long Learning, Sub Programme: KA1 Policy Cooperation And Innovation, Studies and comparative research, 2010-12. My work included case studies on the school bullying phenonmenon and the development of a European strategy to fight school violence.

Partner in the European project “School Inclusion” (Socrates/Comenius 2.1, 2007-2009). My work included the development of a European strategy to cope with the early school leaving phenomenon.

Coordinator of the European project “Teacher Education on Robotics-Enhanced Constructivist Pedagogical Methods – TERECoP” (Socrates/Comenius 2.1, 2006-2009),

Partner in the project SEE-EU TOOL, Sustainable Energy for High School Education – an EUropean Training TOOL, Programme Comenius (2006-2008). My work included the developement of project-based educational methodology to teach renewable energy technologies based on technological artifacts.

Partner in the project CHEMINC-87160-CP-1-2000-1RO-COMENIUS-C31, Programme Socrates (2000-2003). My work focused on training teachers in the use of modelling software to create simulations in teaching school chemistry.

Coordinator of the European educational project “Aristotle-Galilei-Newton, from the history of science to the modern European science education” (1996-97), Programme Comenius