Prof. Dr. Dimitris Alimisis – official website

Scientific Leader at EDUMOTIVA, Sparta & Athens, Greece

External Evaluator of Ph.D. theses at EU Universities

Educational Robotics, Maker Movement, Constructionism, Emerging Learning Technologies

Technologies for an inclusive robotics education , Open Research Europe 2021, open access

Emerging pedagogies & technologies in educational robotics: towards a paradigm shift – Invited talk at EPFL CHILI LAB, 2022

“…Regarding the education-oriented solutions, especially those incorporating the making culture (“make your own robots”), future research should focus on longitudinal surveys that examine the long-term impact of these solutions on the younger generation in terms of the demystification of, familiarization with, and acceptance of robots. Such a research direction would also help designers of educational robots to adapt their solutions and products according to the results of the surveys incorporating feedback from educators and learners….” from the open access paper Interactive robots for health in Europe (2023)